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ACT Government driving climate action with new electric vehicles

May 22, 2019

The first two Hyundai Ioniq electric vehicles will be welcomed into the ACT Government fleet today at Winyu House by Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury and Minister for Government Services and Procurement Rachel Stephen-Smith.

These two additions to the fleet are helping the Government achieve its commitments under the Transition to Zero Emissions Vehicles Action Plan released in 2018. The plan outlines actions to accelerate and support the uptake of zero emission vehicles in the ACT, including:

  • at least 50% of all newly leased ACT Government fleet passenger vehicles will be zero emissions vehicles in 2019-20 (where fit for purpose)
  • all newly leased ACT Government fleet passenger vehicles will be zero emissions vehicles from 2020-21.

The loniq electric vehicles have a substantial battery life and give a real-world range of 230 kilometres. 

“With transport expected to create over 60% of the ACT’s emissions by 2020, mostly from private car use, it’s even more important that we work to bring down emissions. We can achieve this by encouraging active travel, providing high quality low emissions public transport options and transitioning to zero emissions vehicles,” Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury said today.

“In transitioning our fleet to electric vehicles, the ACT Government is practicing what we preach. These additional vehicles will join a growing ACT Government zero emissions passenger vehicle fleet, including 17 fully electric and 7 plug-in hybrids.

“When our renewable electricity supply reaches 100% in 2020, all electric vehicles will be truly zero emissions because they will be charged by clean electricity.

“This year I released an Action Plan to accelerate the adoption of zero emissions vehicles in the ACT that will take us through to 2021. We are taking these actions to ensure the ACT is a leader when it comes to clean air, innovative industry, and climate change mitigation.

“It is great to see new zero emissions vehicles incorporated into the Winyu House pool of vehicles,” Minister Stephen-Smith said today. “With an average daily travel distance of about 50 kilometres for our passenger fleet vehicles, these zero emissions vehicles are a clean, efficient and cost-effective option.

“I look forward to seeing the ACT Government’s zero emissions vehicle fleet continue to grow – driving climate action to deliver a cleaner, greener future,” Minister Stephen-Smith added.