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ACT welcomes Australia and New Zealand Youth Justice Administrators to Bimberi

November 20, 2019

Youth Justice Administrators from Australia and New Zealand will visit Bimberi Youth Justice Centre today to discuss youth justice policy, practice, services and programs.

The visit forms part of cross-jurisdictional meetings that are held twice a year across Australia and New Zealand. Meetings are attended by Members of the Australasian Youth Justice Administrators (AYJA) and include senior executives from each of the Australian state and territory departments and New Zealand who are responsible for delivery of youth justice services.

The visit will include a tour of the centre, the first human rights compliant youth detention facility in Australia, and presentations by the ACT Health, Education and Community Services Directorates.

Minister for Children, Youth and Families Rachel Stephen-Smith said the visit was an opportunity to discuss learnings and successes from the ACT’s strategic direction for youth justice set out in the Blueprint for Youth Justice in the ACT 2012-22.

“This visit is not only an opportunity for the ACT Government to share insights with other jurisdictions. Our officials will also hear from other jurisdictions and participate in discussions about the future direction for youth justice.

“Youth Justice is a complex area for any government, with directorates and youth justice staff providing support to children and young people who have experienced trauma and who have a range of challenging issues to deal with in their lives.

“It is great to see Community Services Directorate and Bimberi staff working collaboratively with their national and New Zealand counterparts to support and contribute to research, and to promote and maintain principles, standards and guidelines not only here in the ACT but also nationally,” Minister Stephen-Smith said.

For more information about the Australasian Youth Justice Administrators visit