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What's in the Budget for Kurrajong?

June 05, 2019

This year’s Budget makes the investments we need to keep Canberra liveable, to protect our city’s unique character and to ensure we’re ready to meet the growing needs of our community.

The investments we are making in Kurrajong will ensure current and future generations are able to experience and celebrate what makes this area so great.  

The Manuka Pool has been at the centre of summers in Canberra since 1931. Generations of Canberrans have sought relief from our hot, dry summers in the iconic art-deco pool. Manuka Pool also brings together families and groups of friends to catch-up on the pool’s shady lawns.

Recognising the importance of the pool to the inner south community, the Government will upgrade Manuka Pool through the 2019-20 Budget. This investment will increase accessibility and safety, while protecting the heritage character of our oldest community pool.

While older buildings and infrastructure are wonderful examples of past architecture and building styles, they were rarely built with accessibility in mind. I’m looking forward to a Manuka Pool with its heritage intact, where more people can enjoy it in summers ahead.

The inner south is a great place to raise a family and to be a kid. Recognising the need to refresh and upgrade playgrounds and play spaces in the inner south, the Budget also invests in an upgraded playground for Narrabundah. The Budget also invests in improvements to dog parks and local ovals, with Yarralumla and Narrabundah to receive upgrades through the Better Infrastructure fund.

This means local parks and playgrounds will continue to be important meeting spaces for locals and continue to build the strong community Canberrans know and love.

The Budget is also making the inner south safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The Budget invests in improvements to the Kent Street and Novar Street intersection, which will benefit the residents of Yarralumla and Deakin. Scoping work will also be undertaken on improving the Hume Circle roundabout in Narrabundah.

Older suburbs were built to the standards of their time. This means footpaths and other pedestrian infrastructure is not always up to the same standards we see in newer suburbs or town centres. The ACT Government is investing in upgrades to footpaths in Narrabundah to make its streets more accessible and age friendly. This will encourage more people to be active or choose active travel to get around.

We are also investing in a new cultural hub for Canberra, with the creation of the Kingston Arts Precinct. The precinct will further add to the vibrancy of the Kingston Foreshore and the character of Kingston more broadly. The precinct will be home to some of Canberra’s leading arts organisations, with some organisations to enjoy purpose-built facilities for the first time.

The major investment in the Kingston Arts Precinct does not come at the expense of existing arts and cultural centres in Kurrajong. The ACT Government will deliver upgrades at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres ahead of its 50th anniversary as one of Canberra’s arts hubs.

Like the inner south, the inner north also receives the investments it needs to enhance and protect its character and heritage. Haig Park is the green lungs of the inner north and as more Canberrans choose to move into apartments nearby, it’s important that we protect what’s great about the park while making sure Haig Park is safe with modern and high quality facilities. The ACT Government will also invest in further revitalisation works for the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings to protect and enhance our heritage gateway to Civic.

Residents of the inner north will also benefit from improvements to local schools, with added student capacity and new facilities at Lyneham Primary and improved pedestrian infrastructure around Campbell to ensure, like Narrabundah, it’s an easy to get around.

We will also commence work on a second Common Ground, to be located at Section 72 in Dickson near public transport and services at Dickson.

 This Budget also invests in high-quality and free healthcare for residents in the inner north. The Dickson Group Centre will be home to the inner north’s walk-in-centre, providing fast and free access to care for minor injuries and illnesses.

Each region of Canberra has different needs and priorities. I’m pleased the ACT Government steps up and invests in maintenance and upgrades to keep and enhance what we love about one of our city’s most unique and distinctive areas. 

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